Security Labels

Security Labels
Holographic Labels

Security Labels

Security Labels

GSM offers a range of security labels to ensure that your products remain protected and keep their unique identification.

Our range of security stickers for equipment includes tamperproof labels, holographic labels and void labels, all of which offer features to give you that peace of mind.

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Self-adhesive Customised Security Labels

The tamperproof labels can be supplied in rolls or on sheets, printed with your logo and a sequential serial number or barcode. They are produced on a self-adhesive material known as a destruct vinyl which will, once stuck down on the product, become extremely hard to remove as the substrate breaks into many small pieces. A feature which will stop the security sticker being taken off one product still within the warranty period and put on another that may be out of warranty.

Another benefit of this is that the labels can be used as ‘Warranty Void if removed’ stickers that can be placed over a join in the product case and if the case is taken apart then the label will tear, a clear sign that the product has been tampered with!

Holographic Security Stickers For Anti-Counterfeit Applications

We produce holographic labels using either standard foils or custom foils, whereby your logo is incorporated into the holograph foil for a corporate appearance. This type of security sticker is generally used for anti-counterfeit applications and so tends to be the more expensive option used for high-value products.

Void labels offer a cost-effective way of protecting your products and stop the labels being used elsewhere. On this option, the security labels will leave the word ‘void’ on the products if removed after assembly as well as marking the labels as void to stop them being used elsewhere.

Contact GSM About Our Security Labels & Stickers

For more information about our labels and stickers, please get in touch with GSM Graphic Arts. Our team members will be happy to help with any, and all enquires. To get in touch call us on 01845 522 184, email or fill in our online contact form.

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